Friday, 30 April 2010

Flyer/Poster designs...Hate.

I seem to have been doing flyers alot recently for the collective i'm part of.
For various events.
I think basically hate doing them, which cant be good considering if i can figure out how to do them well it could be a large part of my income when i'm an adult illustrator instead of a junior illustrator (i'm 21.)
Maybe its the fact that i keep having to do them without any kind of brief. I used to hate the briefs they gave us in 1st year. Now i cant live without them?


Here are some photos and a couple of (very) short animations i haven been trying out for my perfume cover for the penguin competition.
I started off covering these cheep dolls in wax, letting it drip. This is to create a similar effect to the process used in the novel called Enfleurage, which Jean-Baptiste Grenouille used to collect the scents from the young virgins.

After deciding that i hated the body shapes of these dolls i began to make my own bodies and covered them in wax.
I also began the process of trying to cast these Barbie's, by first covering them in clay to create more realistic shapes and curves. This just didn't work, so i ended up covering the dolls in clay then hanging them, waxing them and photographing them.

St. Valentine

I'm giving my blog a makeover.
I want to be proud of the work on it and not be embarrassed for people to look at it. So have deleted everything crap on it. Although i probably should put everything i do on here whether is good or bad, hopefully everything i do from now on wont be embarrassing.

Here are some lino press cards i made for valentines. I sold 5.
Yes, i know its the end of april.