Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Front cover tester and finals.

Read it and weep.

I've actually finished this bloody book. I really need to have some self control. And stick to deadlines. Just because the hand in isn't until june 14th, doesn't mean i can take my time with these things. Like a lot of time. Silly.

Draft print of the book to make sure the images and text are all fine. They were not. And i had to go back on to indesign and change the pixels of half the images!

I ended up doing the front covers for the books in lino print. After planning to do them on the letter press, i left it too late and couldn't get into the workshop.
So, i did a quick little lino cut, went in to print and actually am really happy with them. Apart from obviously the fact that the black could be blacker and didnt take to the book fabric as well as i would have liked. I guess if i had the time i would have experimented with different techniques and fabric which take well to lino print.

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